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Web Developer College Degree

Can I become a Web developer without a College degree?

I came across this question most of the time people are asking that is it necessary to have a college degree to become web developer or designer? Well, there is no such certificate or license that is necessary for web development or web designing. You can start a firm, freelancing on your own with self-taught skills but if you want to work in a company that might need a degree. Because the degree makes you eligible for the jobs the rest are the skills according to which you will be selected but the first priority is for degree holders.

Some Companies maintain stiff stance about academics and some time to protect the feelings of other employees. While Other Companies don’t look the subject they just want the skills and how can you make a profitable impact on their company.

But if I were you and I had the time I will definitely go for the college degree because it will help you in many ways not only in a job.

Who will Get Hired?

Let me give you an example if there are two web developers. A with college degree and B with no degree both go for a web developer job interview. And A (degree holder) has a few months less experience than B. The company will hire A(degree holder) even if his skills are not that good than B.

Steps to become Web developer | Web Designer

How to become a Web Developer step by step

If you want to become a web developer let me list a few things for you. That how and where to start.

First Step: Learn front-end technologies (Client Side)

First, you have to learn HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).HTML is the building block of web pages.It’s a Markup language where you can make the structure of your webpage.

Second, you have to learn  CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). CSS is the part of designing with the help of which you can design and add attraction to your web pages.

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