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How to import Instagram Feed to your website HTTPS

Well, there are many ways to insert Instagram Feed into your website manually.Becuase there are some online tools which generate code for you and you have to embed them in your website. But some of them not working on HTTPS request, you have to buy that if you want to use over HTTPS.

And in most of the cases, you got an error of “invalid access token”. This is because of Instagram new security policy now only the access token is not enough to get your Instagram feed.

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Log in to your Instagram Account.

  1. First, you need to login to your Instagram account.
  2. access this URL
  3.  Now you have to register your application.

How to include Instagram feed

Click on Register New client.

Enter your information :

if you are using localhost enter your localhost URL like this: http://localhost

If you are using some other URL on a live server then use your specific URL for that page where you want to display the instafeeds. e.g:

But remember The URL are important as shown in below screen shot.

How to import Instagram feed to websiteClick on Security tab at the top and Disable implicit OAuth:

Let me show you the screenshot.

How to import Instagram feed to website client id

After registration, you will get a client id and secret key.

But that is not working anymore just to paste the access_token.

We have to get user id as well as I said earlier the access_token (clientID) is not enough.

Step One: Direct your user to our authorization URL


copy the above URL and paste in a new tab. Replace CLIENT-ID  with your Client Id that you have got.

Replace REDIRECT-URI with your Redirect URI that you entered in registration.

Hit enter after entering you will get an access-token and user id.

let me show you from where you will get.

Instagram feed URI

now access_token has two values with a (.) between them.

The First chunk is your user id. and the other is your client-id.

Now where to put that.

Last but not least :

Change the index.html file with your userId and accessToken

as shown in below screenshot.

Instagram feed UserID and Client-id

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