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Steps to become Web developer | Web Designer

How to become a Web Developer step by step

If you want to become a web developer let me list a few things for you. That how and where to start.

First Step: Learn front-end technologies (Client Side)

First, you have to learn HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).HTML is the building block of web pages.It’s a Markup language where you can make the structure of your webpage.

Second, you have to learn  CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). CSS is the part of designing with the help of which you can design and add attraction to your web pages.

Third, you have to learn Javascript. It can handle client-side behavior.E.g If you want to show a button when someone hovers over a mouse on part of a web page. Or to validate Input form on the client side. Client-side mean on browsers.

Javascript is used to capture user Events and according to that events do something, like show pop after 1 minute, show a message, add a slider.

The second step is to learn Server Side Languages.

You can choose one of them according to your choice (PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails) etc.

Learn one of the above

And last but not least you have to learn MYSQL (data storage) which is often called SQL (Structured Query Language)

Becuase you need a space to store your web related data like images, content like blog data so for that you need MYSQL.

Following are the resources






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