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How to import Instagram Feed to your website HTTPS

Well, there are many ways to insert Instagram Feed into your website manually.Becuase there are some online tools which generate code for you and you have to embed them in your website. But some of them not working on HTTPS request, you have to buy that if you want to use over HTTPS.

And in most of the cases, you got an error of “invalid access token”. This is because of Instagram new security policy now only the access token is not enough to get your Instagram feed.

 Instagram Feed Download Files              Instagram Feed View Demo 

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Steps to become Web developer | Web Designer

How to become a Web Developer step by step

If you want to become a web developer let me list a few things for you. That how and where to start.

First Step: Learn front-end technologies (Client Side)

First, you have to learn HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).HTML is the building block of web pages.It’s a Markup language where you can make the structure of your webpage.

Second, you have to learn  CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). CSS is the part of designing with the help of which you can design and add attraction to your web pages.

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Upload Image with HTML PHP

How to upload Images With HTML and PHP

First of all, you need to know that your local server is running which is Xampp, Wampp for Windows and MAMPP for MAC.

Make a new folder under htdocs in xampp and in Wampp under www directory.

For example, let’s say I have to make a folder exampleone

Now inside exampleone make new file lets say contact.html or if you want to store the image path in the database and the image in a folder so you need to change the extension to contact.php instead of contact.html.

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